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Traditional healer suggests integrative medicine to check pandemic 2020-04-10 [Research]
Neuro- Acupuncturist and president, Olaking International Holistic Medicine, Dr. Qazeem Olawale, has said the Federal Government’s efforts to combat Coronavirus (COVID-19) can be boosted with integrative medicine.

Speaking with The Guardian in Lagos at the weekend, the University of Ilorin graduate of biochemistry and India-trained natural medical practitioner said COVID-19 “requires the support of the private and public sector” to overcome.

Expressing readiness to work with the government, he called on the authorities to give room for integrative medicine where existing treatment methods and natural remedies are applied to treat Nigerians that have contracted the virus.


He said: “As a biochemist and natural medicine practitioner leading a team of other healthcare professionals, what good does it if we do not add meaningful and informed contribution to the fight against COVID-19? If given the opportunity, we have a lot to offer with integrative medicine approach as our indigenous herbs also have what it takes to combat this novel virus.”

According to him, COVID-19 itself is not incurable, but those that died of it either have low immune system to fight or their vitality too low, the injury or morbid encumbrance too great, so inherent forces within loses the fight which leads to death.

“There must be enough inherent vitality for the body to react towards a cure…”

“In the case of this COVID-19 and other diseases, it’s best said that the cure consists first, in removing the cause with a broad spectrum regimen; second, in preventing its recurrence by abiding by Nature’s law; third, in empowering the individual to regulate his own life by educating him on the steps to achieving and maintaining health. Teaching how to live in tune with nature and appropriate dietary, nutrition and lifestyle guidelines should also be taught.

“Just as we have been doing in the past, all intended treatment will be research-based using our own local medicines and herbs. There is a whole lot of potency in our local medicine, which we are yet to tap into and standardise. Perhaps, this is the time the Federal Government will look into this industry and make it a flourishing one…”

All remedies that will be used are going to be locally made through our own medicine herbs and plants. In fact, as a rule in Natural Medicine, we believe the local herbs and plants of a people is the best medicine to treat people in a locality than to use a foreign or imported medicines,” he said.