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Helping elderly and ill prepare for winter
author:Li Qiansource:SHINE 2023-11-15 [Medicine]
Free medical consultations have been held for city residents with the arrival of lidong last week.

Free medical consultations are popular with the elderly. Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE


Lidong, the 19th solar term in China's solar calendar, means the start of winter. It is considered by traditional Chinese medicine as an important season for the elderly and people with weak immunity and chronic diseases to improve their health.

Therefore, 20 doctors from 12 hospitals, including the reputable Huashan, Yueyang and Longhua hospitals, gave free medical services to the public at a greenland on 418 Guangyan Road in Jing'an District.

Various TCM experiences, provided by centuries-old Lei Yun Shang West, were also on offer.

People queued to taste pear soup, a seasonal soup with functions to hydrate the body and nourish lungs, make their own xiangnang, a fragrant sachet filled with herbs and worn by ancients as accessories, and much more.


Helping elderly and ill prepare for winter

People make their own xiangnang.  Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE


Helping elderly and ill prepare for winter

A woman tries online TCM diagnosis through a smart doctor.  Jiang Xiaowei / SHINE