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Chinese cultural center in Kuwait holds traditional Chinese medicine promotion event
source:Xinhua News 2023-11-09 [Medicine]
Chinese Cultural Center in Kuwait held a traditional Chinese medicine and treatment event on Monday in Hawalli Governorate, attracting nearly 100 people from all walks of life in Kuwait.

Four experts from the 15th batch of China (Jilin) medical team to Kuwait elaborated on simple traditional Chinese medicine coping methods for facial paralysis, insomnia, common pediatric diseases, and cervical spondylosis at the event.

The guests learned simple traditional Chinese medicine massage and health preservation methods on-site, experienced traditional Chinese medicine therapy and consulted medical team members about their own illnesses for free.

Redha Al Naqi, a Kuwaiti participant, said, "I have personally experienced the practical effects of traditional Chinese medicine treatment, which is also one of the reasons why I like Chinese culture. I hope that more and more Kuwaitis will also understand traditional Chinese medicine, because traditional Chinese medicine can indeed help them."

Chen Chunhai, leader of the team, said that the team at this stage mainly uses physical therapy such as acupuncture, moxibustion and cupping, which have been recognized and praised by the patients.

The medical team has been working in Kuwait for a long time and has achieved a broad social impact.

Xia Jianfeng, director of the Kuwait China Cultural Center, said that the center will in time offer courses such as language learning, Chinese calligraphy, and martial arts, as well as academic seminars, Chinese language competitions, and Chinese food tasting activities.

He also noted that the center, the first of its kind set up in countries of Gulf Cooperation Council, aims to enhance people-to-people exchanges and cooperation between Kuwait and China and make efforts for building a China-Arab community with a shared future in the new era.