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China to promote TCM accessibility for children
source:Xinhua News 2023-11-07 [Medicine]
China's health authority has issued a document on plans to promote children's health over the next five years.

The document includes measures to provide better traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) services for kids at community clinics and home.

The document, issued and published by the National Health Commission, said medical and health institutions have been encouraged to use TCM techniques in basic medical treatment, disease prevention and healthcare services for children.

Appropriate TCM techniques for pediatric use need to be promoted and efforts made to implement TCM-related public health programs to promote child health, according to the document.

While measures combining prevention and treatment of diseases should be carried out to ensure child health, the document said greater emphasis should be placed on prevention.

It also asked TCM institutions at all levels to step up guidance over primary-level health institutions to improve services.

According to the document, over the next five years, TCM-related health management service is expected to reach about 85 percent of infants below the age of three in the country. Enditem