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Should you be drinking lemon water everyday? Experts weigh in
source:Fox News 2023-11-06 [Health]
Lemon water seems to be quite the craze on social media lately — but is the citrus-infused concoction really a boon for your health?

“Drinking lemon water is currently being encouraged by several social media influencers,” April Wiles, a North Carolina-based registered dietitian and owner of, told Fox News Digital.

“Many are claiming it promotes weight loss, improves skin, helps with digestion and balances the body’s pH levels,” she added.

“Some claims related to lemon water are evidence-based — while others are not.”

Read on for more about what lemon water can do, and what it can’t do.

Lemon water offers vitamin C

“Lemon is an excellent source of vitamin C, which can aid in boosting overall immunity, especially as we go into cold and flu season,” said Emily Tills, a registered dietitian nutritionist with; she is based in Syracuse, New York.

Lemon can also add microminerals to the water, said Tills. This can enhance our hydration status, which tends to suffer in the colder months.

Still, we should be cautious about drinking too much lemon water, said Tills, as its acidity can wear away at tooth enamel — causing sensitivities.

While drinking lemon water is not bad for your health, drinking too much lemon water can actually worsen gastrointestinal issues or symptoms, experts say.

While Wiles, for her part, said lemons contain only small amounts of vitamin C, she noted that “vitamin C has an important role in supporting brain, skin, heart, bone and immune system health.”

Lemon water keeps you hydrated

News flash: You’re probably not drinking enough water.

And as you increase your H2O intake, a splash or two of lemon juice can help in more ways than one, experts say.

“Lemon water is great for promoting adequate hydration,” said Wiles.

“Lemons add flavor to water, which can make it an enjoyable alternative to sugar-sweetened beverages,” she said.

You’re most likely not drinking enough water on your own — so by adding a squeeze of lemon, you can make that glass of H2O a little more exciting.

For those who want a sweeter version, Wiles suggested adding a little stevia or monk fruit.

Along with a healthy squeeze of lemon, Rachael Richardson, a registered dietitian nutritionist and owner of in Raleigh, North Carolina, advised considering growing and adding fresh basil or mint to water. Or, she said, brew some ginger, turmeric or green tea to create your own anti-inflammatory electrolyte water. 

“Be creative and go with your gut, and don’t forget to choose real mineral water not kept in plastic to start with the healthiest water possible,” she said.

Should you drink lemon water every day?

Before you start buying multiple pounds of lemons a week, consider this advice.

“It is OK to drink a glass of lemon water once or twice daily,” said Wiles.

“However, if you have gastrointestinal issues like acid reflux, it may worsen or aggravate symptoms,” she said.

Wiles echoed that drinking excessive amounts of lemon water could potentially damage tooth enamel.

Reiterating the advice from Wiles, Richardson said that excessive lemon water drinking could damage the teeth over time, or result in a sensitivity to this common citrus fruit that’s integrated into a wide range of recipes.

“So I recommend switching the fruits, herbs or roots you use to flavor your water — and don’t just program one healthy habit indefinitely,” said Richardson.

She also warned against the trend of blending and drinking pulverized lemon skin by adding it to water, as seen on videos posted on TikTok and Instagram.

“The reason is that the peel contains loads of natural plant pesticides to protect the inside of the fruit, and this can lead to severe inflammation and kidney problems such as joint pain for some people,” said Richardson.

“Instead, peel your lemons and use the skin as an air freshener or cleaner,” she suggested.

Bottom line: “Although lemon water may not live up to all the health claims surrounding it, it can still be a part of a healthy diet,” said Wiles.